The picture is becoming more clear at the top. Auburn, Oregon, Boise State, and TCU all took care of business this week and solidified their places in the top 4. The big questions are: Oregon or Auburn? and Boise State or TCU? Auburn has the best resume and is thus still ahead of Oregon. Many people are moving TCU ahead of Boise State, but when I broke down their respective strengths of schedule, they were about even. At this point Boise State has been a little bit more dominant in their victories, thus still get the nod.

Things in the middle are a little tough to figure out. OK State, LSU, Arkansas, and Stanford all received big bumps this week for beating ranked teams. I think every team in the middle pack that won, I moved up (even Iowa who did not win impressively at all).

A lot of losers this week fell to other ranked teams, so didn't take too much of a hit, except for Utah, who was overrated due to their previously undefeated record. Missouri and Oklahoma take pretty good falls too and I probably would have dropped the Sooners if there had been any deserving teams. Arizona is probably too high, but I have them ahead of Iowa for now and didn't punish them too much for getting beat by Stanford. South Carolina, like, Oklahoma is still hanging around because there aren't too many teams making good cases to be the 21-25 range.

The last 5 slots were very hard to fill and for the first week there are 3-loss teams ranked. I have been trying to keep out Virginia Tech because that loss to James Madison was really bad, but they have one 7 games in a row and were the only 2-loss BCS team not ranked. Florida and Pitt sneak in despite not being very good. And UCF, who has been tearing through C-USA makes its debut.