After DJK broke the Iowa record for career receiving yards two weeks ago I decided to take a look at what other records current Hawkeyes have a chance at breaking this year or in the future.

Derrell Johnson-Koulianos

Career Receiving Yards: 2,368 (1st)
Career Receptions: 157 (Tied for 1st)
Career Touchdowns: 15 (Record is 21 by Tim Dwight)
Season Touchdowns: 8 (Record is 11 by Maurice Brown)

DJK is on pace for 15 TDs this season. If that happens he will break both the career and season receiving touchdown records. He also just need 1 more reception to stand alone as the career leader in number of receptions and receiving yards.

Adam Robinson

Career Rushing Yards: 1,571 (Record is 4,156 by Sedrick Shaw)
Career Touchdowns: 14 (Record is 33 by Tavian Banks)
Season Touchdowns: 9 (Record is 17 by Tavian Banks)

Robinson is on pace to finish this year with 1,368 yards (which would be the 4th highest) bringing his careers total just over 2,000 yards. Keep in mind he has two full seasons ahead of him to challenge the career records. If Robinson stays healthy and continues to be Iowa's featured back, he has a shot at putting up huge career numbers.

Ricky Stanzi

Season Touchdowns: 16 (Record is 27 by Chuck Long)
Season Completion Percent: 68.1% (Record is 67.1% by Chuck Long)

Stanzi is putting together a remarkable season. There are still a couple of good defense left on the schedule, but if Stanzi keeps playing at this high level (which I think he will...he's working too hard to have a complete drop off at least) he could have one of, if not the best seasons statistically of any Iowa quarterback.

Tyler Sash

Career Interceptions: 12 (Record is 18 by Nile Kinnick and Devon Mitchell)
Career Interception Return Yards: 386 (1st)

Sash only has 1 interception this year, but still has half of this season remaining and all of his senior year. As a freshman he had 6 INTs and as a sophomore 5, so 6 more is not out of the question.