I am not really sure where this started, but there has been a grassroots movement (by grassroots I really mean on Facebook) to get the fans inside Kinnick to chant "NORM" every time Wisconsin is facing a third first down on Saturday. The idea is to honor defensive coordinator Norm Parker who has been dealing with some health issues related to his diabetes. Coach Parker has missed Iowa's last 5 games and will miss the game this weekend as well. Signs are pointing to a return next week.

Well, this idea has gone from Facebook event to officially endorsed by the University. Here's the info:
A movement has started to try to get everyone in the stadium this Saturday to scream and chant “Norm” on every Wisconsin third down [updated-first down now]. Bring signs and do whatever is necessary to get the entire stadium rocking.

The idea is to do this in honor of Norm Parker who as you probably know, has been hospitalized more then once and is in a serious battle with his diabetes. My understanding is he already lost his foot. If you watched the post game last week it looked like Ferentz had tears in his eyes after the game when Parker was mentioned. These two are huge friends. Norm has not been coaching.

Can you imagine how pumped up the defense will get if the entire stadium is rocking with a Norm chant. A ton of signs would also be great. Those of us watching on TV want to see the signs, hear the crowd and listen to the announcers explain what is going on.

Go to work guys and let's make this happen. Let's watch the power of viral marketing. Tell others to keep passing this message on. I posted this on Facebook linking to an event request and suggest you do the same.

NORM, NORM, NORMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!
This was probably not a super "official" person sending this out. You shouldn't actually bring signs. There is a policy against taking signs into Kinnick Stadium and it will be in effect on Saturday. But you get the general idea, right? UPDATE: Also, now it is on first down instead of third down. This is because there are already things that are "traditionally" done on third down in Kinnick. I'm thinking specific music or something. I don't know. But yeah, first down now. Here is the latest "official" word: "Hawkeye fans are encouraged to shout 'Norm' every time the Badger offense approaches the line of scrimmage for a first down play."

Anyway, count me in. I'll be screaming "NORM" every chance I get. My only question is, is it "NOOOORRMMMM!!!!!" or "NORM, NORM, NORM, NORM..."?