Bored this week? Yeah, me too. The bye week doesn't exactly lead to lots of new stories to blog about, but at least it's allowed me to get some extra sleep. Anyway, here are a few videos to check out that hopefully will help tide you over to next week.

Homecoming Highlights
This video, via the Penn State blog NittanyWhiteOut, provides a rather comprehensive look back at Iowa's most recent victory over the Nittany Lions.

Some Scouting
Check out what we're likely to see next weekend from Michigan's offense (a.k.a. Denard Robinson) by viewing every offensive play against the best defense the Wolverines have played thus far. The video shows just how many ways Robinson can attack a defense and just how good he is at making plays in space.

For the Future
This was the biggest high school game in the country last week as Aquinas faced Camden County. Iowa commit, Jake Rudock, is featured in the video (#15 in navy blue) and had a great outing on a game that was televised on ESPNU. Camden County was previously ranked 6th in the country by USA Today and Rudock basically picked them apart throwing for 333 yards and 4 TDs on 15 of 20 passing.