There are no longer a sufficient number of undefeated teams to fill my ballot, so 1-loss teams are making their way back on. I still am giving a little bit more weight to losses than perhaps I should, but things are starting to take shape as most everyone has started conference play.

Some movement at the top
I still believe that Ohio State is a more complete team at each position than Alabama, but it's hard to argue with back-to-back victories over top-10 teams. Ohio State had a nice win over Miami, who is looking better each week, but OSU's struggles against Illinois sealed the deal...Bama to 1, Bucky to 2.

Not out of it yet
There are a handful of undefeated teams that with an upset or two could be legitimately have a shot at the BCS. Yeah, there are the mid-majors that we know about, but not too many people were talking about teams like Michigan State and Arizona having any shot until recent big wins. Michigan State gets a huge bump after the big win over Wisconsin. That game as well as Florida and Stanford losing, helped a few other teams move up.

The one loss crew
The one loss teams that I have ranked are Arkansas, Iowa, Florida, Stanford, Wisconsin, Miami, and Florida State. All of these teams only loss have come at the hands of top 15 teams and they have at least semi-impressive wins on their resumes. It was pretty hard deciding where they should fall in the mix with all the undefeated. I ranked Arkansas and Iowa the highest because Arkansas was within a couple of plays from beating Alabama and Iowa has played dominant football besides 3 or 4 bad (really, really bad) plays against Arizona.