Iowa State
The need to know
What: Iowa vs. Iowa State
Where: Kinnick Stadium, Iowa City
When: 2:30 PM
TV: ABC or ESPN2 (Coverage Map)

Injury report
Out: Marcus Coker (collar bone)
Questionable: Daniel Murray (hip flexor)
Probable: Adam Gettis (sprained ankle), Shaun Prater (hamstring), Josh Koeppel (hit by a freaking truck), Jeff Tarpinian (broken hand)

Three thoughts on Iowa
Players that missed last week: Based on the depth chart it looks like some of the injured and suspended players may be eased back into playing. Binns is the only player to miss last week that is listed as a starter (and it's just a co-starter). Ferentz has also mentioned that he considers Hampton a co-starter with Robinson, so I am excited to see what he can do. Based on 2 years ago and the very small bit I saw of him during fall practice he looked like an outstanding running back.

The defensive line: Clayborn and Ballard, even Coach Ferentz too, have mentioned that the defensive line didn't perform very well against Iowa State last year giving up 190 rushing yards. The D-Line will be ready this year. Iowa State's offensive line is probably one of its better units, so I'm excited to see strength go against strength.

Receivers: I doubt we see an as conservative approach as last week on offense, at least with the receivers. Last week McNutt and DJK both only had one catch. I think Stanzi will continue to make safe throws, but will try to involve these guys more.

Three thoughts on Iowa State
Arnaud: Austen Arnaud played absolutely terrible against Iowa last year. He more than anyone will need to keep his emotions in check and try not to do more than he is capable of. He looked pretty good slinging the ball out to a receiver in the flat last week, but was awful when trying to throw down the field, especially over the middle. If he is impatient today and tries to force things, then he will get picked off and Iowa will win.

Soft coverage: For the most part Iowa State's corners played pretty soft coverage last week. They tried to keep everything in front of them and just make sound tackles (though their tackling wasn't spectacular). With starting corner back Te'ron Benton missing this game, I expect the corners will sit back even more trying to limit the mistakes from the back up.

Special teams: Iowa State's special teams struggled a little last week. The one punt was an ugly 18-yarder, and Grant Mahoney missed a field goal (it was from 44 yards, so that's kind of excusable). Their return game didn't get a lot of action, but they averaged just 7 yards per kick return.

Iowa 31 - Iowa State 16