The off-season is coming to an end...finally. It has been the most news-filled off-season that I can ever remember in my time following college football. I spent a whole lot less time doing research on Iowa's future opponents and analyzing past performances. Instead I had a steady stream of topics to write about, which was great and kept me busy. Well, today is no different. So for the last time this off-season, here's a roundup of some of the latest news.

Kirk Ferentz gets a contract extension through 2020

Ferentz received a contract extension during the summer last year that kept him on through 2015 without a raise. Well, after a 11-2, BCS Bowl winning season, Ferentz gets an extension again, this time with a raise. It was announced yesterday that Ferentz is expected to sign an extension to stay the Iowa Head Football Coach through the 2020 season. He will do so for a salary around $3.7 million a year. This contract will take Ferentz to 65-years old, so for all intents and purposes, it is a life time deal.

Cody Hundertmark, officially off the team

On Monday, it was a rumor that Hundertmark was gone. Tuesday, Coach Ferentz called it a "gray area." Well, now it's official. Hundertmark has decided to leave the team to focus on academics. Hundertmark moved from the defensive line to the offensive line sometime in the middle of last year. He was really starting to get some mentions as a person that has played well along the line and probably would have played a lot this year. I totally understand focusing on school though. He's a Finance and Management major, so that could definitely a successful path for his future. So, good luck Cody.

Gettis to sit out on Saturday

Adam Gettis, the listed start at right guard posted on his Facebook, "Sorry Hawks. Don't get to play this week but next week is a different story." He has been rumored to have a high ankle sprain, though it sounds like the injury was less severe. I think this is most a precautionary better-safe-than-sorry type of thing. If Iowa was playing Ohio State this week, then Gettis would be in there. Unfortunately, Hundertmark was listed as Gettis' backup. So, who will start at right guard tomorrow is anyone's guess. I'm going with Nolan MacMillan who had been mentioned recently as practicing well.

Fry Fest

I am headed out to Fry Fest this afternoon to check out the trade show and participate in the world record Hokey Pokey attempt. There is a pep rally starting at 5:30 tonight and the Hokey Pokey follows at 6:00. I'll try to post an update tonight on the event.


Go Hawks!