I don't have time for a long post this morning, so I just have some quick notes from Coach Ferentz's press conference yesterday.  The official website provides the full transcript.

Jason White: White was injured during kickoff coverage against ISU. He will be out a few weeks for a knee injury.
Adam Gettis and Daniel Murray: Both are expected to practice and could be ready to play on Saturday.

Not traveling to Tucson: Coach Parker, who was hospitalized last week right before the game, is still recovering and is not expected to make the trip out to Arizona. For Iowa State, he was able to instill his game plan during the week and then linebacker coach Darrell Wilson called the actual plays on Saturday. This week it'll be a collaborative effort amongst the defensive coaches to put together and execute a game plan for Arizona. Ferentz says that "everybody picks up the slack."

The same: Clayborn, Klug, Stanzi, and Vandervelde.

On Arizona
QB: Foles is not much of a running quarterback, but is very good passing the ball and getting it in the hands of playmakers.
OL: Big, strong and productive.
Heat: If it's 90, but the sun is down it should be fine. The players will hydrate all week. It shouldn't be much different than some of the hot days of August in Iowa.
Time zone: Don't expect Iowa to play any more games out west during Ferentz's tenure. It's mostly a pain for the coaches staying up that late and staying sharp. The college kids like it.

Actual Football Discussion
D-Line: There will continue to be a rotation and Ferentz hopes they can get up to 7 guys in the mix.
O-Line: Gettis may or may not work his way back in to a starting spot. MacMillan has played well. The unit has also performed ahead of schedule.
More rotations: Robinson and Hampton will continue to alternate series for the time being. Ferentz is pleased with both of their performances thus far.
Stanzi: Stanzi has been working as hard as anyone. Couple that with maturation and he's come out sharp at the beginning of games (a problem last year) and hasn't thrown an interception (a BIG problem last year). Ferentz actually wasn't aware of Stanzi's no picks, or was being coy.