Before any Iowa fan gets all upset at me for not ranking the Hawkeyes, let me say that I didn't rank a single team with a loss. There are still 34 teams that have yet to lose and because of that are more deserving of a top 25 ranking at this point. Plus, after week 1 I kept Virginia Tech ranked as my only team with a loss in the top 25 and that was a huge mistake. Do I think Iowa will end up out of the top 25 at the end of the season? No. I'll even probably have them back on my ballot next week (assuming they take care of business against a bad Ball State squad).

With that out of the's week 3 and I am starting to rank more on performance than on expectations. Expectations aren't completely void though. Nebraska's high ranking is partially the result of the weak Big 12 North that they will be teeing off against in the upcoming weeks. From top to bottom in the poll this week, most all of the teams I had ranked won, so there weren't too many changes.

Up: I bumped up both Nebraska and Oregon because of their impressive wins the past couple of weeks. I hate to reward Oregon for running up the score on FCS schools, but that win over Tennessee was solid. Arizona and Stanford are also recipients of considerable bumps; Arizona for its win over Iowa and Stanford because they have been very impressive and I think I have under-ranked them thus far.

In: Michigan State, N.C. State, and Fresno State all make their first appearances on my ballot. They are all undefeated and have decent resumes thus far. Michigan State's dramatic win over Notre Dame alone is worthy of a spot on the ballot.

Out: Iowa, Cal, and Houston are all out for losing.

The rest: Everyone else pretty much moved in line accordingly. Some teams struggled against far lesser competition (I'm looking at you Michigan) and went completely untested. For the most part though, it was just ranked teams beating up on  unranked teams.