My BlogPoll ballot will normally come out every Monday during the season, but this week it's a day late due to the Boise State-Virginia Tech game that was played last night. At this very early point in the season my rankings reflect both on-field performance and expectations for the season as a whole. If I was a voting based on performance only, then Boise State would probably be number 1, Michigan would be ranked in the top 10, and Oklahoma wouldn't be anywhere near making the cut. So, I'm trying to balance it with how I project the season to go for each team.

1 - 5
Ohio State: I still believe the Buckeyes are the most complete team. They have a strong returning defense, an experience quarterback, and the overall talent to make a national championship run. Most people's biggest question was about Terrelle Pryor, who put in a nice game last Thursday.
Boise State: Well, they won the toughest game on their schedule, and I expect they will win the next 11 games too. I think there is definitely the possibility for teams to pass the Broncos once conference play starts and others will have a more robust resume of wins.
Alabama: I am still not sold on Bama's defense, but until they lose I'm keeping them near the top.
Nebraska: This one is more about expectations than performance. Nebraska played well in a win over Western Kentucky and seems to have their QB question answered. But what really helps them out is that their two biggest challengers for the Big 12 crown, Oklahoma and Texas, played relatively poor and struggled to beat lesser foes.
TCU: TCU has a big win over a decent Oregon State and with their schedule, they also have a good shot at going undefeated. Like Boise State though, as other teams start playing tough conference match ups I expect TCU to slide down some.

6 - 10
Iowa, Oregon, Wisconsin, Miami, and Texas all took care of business this week. Oregon moved up a couple of spots after a ridiculous 72-0 victory. Texas slid down after struggling to put away a not-so-good Rice team. Iowa, Wisconsin, and Miami all looked good against easier teams.

11 - 15
Florida struggled mightily on offense so got bumped out of the top ten. Oklahoma's struggles were on defense as they eked out a win against Utah State, so I moved them down too. The biggest climber was Utah as they have a nice win over previously ranked Pitt. Penn State and Georgia Tech both won big, so moved up a couple spots.

16 - 25
There was not a lot of movement in the bottom of the top 25. Team's that lost dropped out, expect for Virginia Tech who I think could still have a really good season. USC moved down after giving up over 500 yards of offense and 36 points to Hawaii. If they don't get that fixed, Oregon might have another 72-point game coming its way. LSU had a win over a ranked team, but really they should not have had the struggles they did against a decimated North Carolina team.

I didn't give all my justifications, but hopefully enough that my rankings make sense. This is still in draft stage until Wednesday morning, so let me know what you think.