As recently as yesterday, there was an article published about how the Hawkeyes are loaded with experience at running back. We've seen similar stories written throughout the entire off season about how Iowa will have a tough choice picking a starter and finding enough carries for all the talented backs. Well, how quickly things change...and it's not like Iowa fans shouldn't have seen this coming. Every time we're feeling comfortable at this position, we get reminded of Sam Brownlee.

Not too long ago Iowa had 7 scholarship running backs on the roster, with two incoming freshmen on the way. Since then, the list of running backs available for the season opener has dwindle done to about 2 or 3 realistic options. Here's the whole list:

  • Jeff Brinson: He had injuries troubles while he was here and ended up transferring.
  • Josh Brown: He also transferred, most likely because he thought he wasn't going to see the field soon enough.
  • Brandon Wegher: He's currently not attending fall camp for reasons unknown, but probably personal. He may or may not be back in time for Eastern Illinois, if he comes back at all.
  • Brad Rogers: He almost had his red shirt lifted last year against Michigan State and was the top running back in the spring after a string of injuries. He has since moved to fullback though. If needed, however, he might be moving back.
  • Jewel Hampton: After missing last year with a torn ACL, he's once again healthy but will be sitting out the first game suspended for alcohol related charges.
  • Marcus Coker: He has been seen in a cling and has supposedly broken his collarbone. It is likely he would have red-shirted this year, but now it's almost certain.

  • Adam Robinson: He is listed as the starter on the latest depth chart, so it's good that he is healthy and still around.
  • Paki O'Meara: He started the first game of the year the last two years, but hasn't seen much action other than on special teams other than that.
  • De'Andre Johnson: Like Hampton, he missed last year with an ACL injury. As a true freshman who hasn't played football in a year, it would be surprising if he didn't red-shirt.

And that's it...

So the hope now is that everyone on the "in" list stays healthy. Hopefully Robinson can carry the load long enough at Eastern Illinois that we can feel comfortable with Paki playing in mop-up time. That or the coaches could scrap the offense and go with an all out passing attack.