It's been a busy week in my neck of the woods. In terms of site stuff I have been working on some of the behind the scenes scripts just getting it cleaned up a little. There probably won't be any noticeable changes, but the site my load a slightly faster. Anyway, some good news and bad news today...I'm a good news first type of person, so here it goes.

Tickets! There are tickets available!
Iowa sold over 59,000 sets of season tickets for this year, so with visitor tickets, special group tickets, packaged tickets, etc... that doesn't really leave a lot of seats for single game sales. However, there are a few tickets left for the Eastern Illinois and Ball State games. And by few, I really mean few. They went on sale earlier today and I tried seeing what tickets would be available and I wasn't able to get more than a single ticket to either game. So act fast! I'd also suggest trying to get the kid tickets...there may be a few more of those and they are only $25 instead of $55.

The Magic Bus has its permit denied
Regarded as one of the best tailgating spots for Iowa football games, the Magic Bus has been denied a permit to operate. Needless to say, the whole future of the Magic Bus is currently in jeopardy and if it does survive in some capacity it's unlikely to be same. This is not the first blow to the tailgating atmosphere this off-season as earlier this summer Sally Mason stated she wanted to clean it up and that there will probably be changes this fall. I doubt anything drastic will happen, but it'll be interesting to follow.

  • Ricky Stanzi on Manning Award Watch List - The Manning Award goes to the best quarterback. If he cuts down on the INTs he could have a shot. This year's class of QBs isn't quite what it was last year with Tebow and McCoy as the clear favorites.
  • Stanzi, Clayborn, and Klug at Big Ten Media Days - This is semi-old news, but these 3 seniors will be representing the Hawkeyes at the Big Ten Media Days next week. The most interesting thing to come out of this event will likely be an update on the suspensions being handed down to Hampton, Binns, and Bernstine.

Update: All tickets are now sold out. If you still need some, you can find Iowa Football tickets on Stubhub.