The game of football is often compared to a chess match by TV announcers, sports writers, and the likes. A tactical battle between two armies, a fight going back and forth with every play, a war of positions and precision fought on the battlefield and in the mind... Well, now you have the chance to truly mime the football experience on a chess board with Hawkeye Chess. Command your squad of Iowa Hawkeyes to victory over the evil. (Hey. I'm bored, you're bored...maybe this will help kill some time until football starts.)

White: (you)
  • King - Kirk Ferentz
  • Queen - Ricky Stanzi
  • Rook - Adrian Clayborn
  • Bishop - Derrell Johnson-Koulianos
  • Knight - Norm Parker
  • Pawn - Ken O'Keefe

Black: (the evil computer)
  • King - Tim Brewster
  • Queen - Terrelle Pryor
  • Rook - John Clay
  • Bishop - Tate Forcier
  • Knight -Greg Jones
  • Pawn - Austen Arnaud

About the game
I modified the P4WN javascript chess script by changing the images for the pieces and the background colors. The "AI" engine is pretty basic so you won't find the computer too difficult to beat if you are an experienced chess player. There is nothing else fancy here...the main rules of chess are supported and you can use the dropdown to select what piece you want if you promote a pawn. Other than that, just click on the piece you want to move, then the square you want to move it. And, have fun!

Hawkeye Chess!