Links For Iowa has been on a long hiatus and I'm still not sure that it's going to be a regular feature. But today I have some links to share, so that's that. If it goes well, who knows, maybe I'll keep it up. Last summer it was pretty much a staple because there's not much else to write about. Anyway, here we go...

Player's Highlighted

Evaluating the Mechanics of Big Ten Quarterbacks: Ricky Stanzi
The Rivalry Esq provides an excellent breakdown of Ricky Stanzi's mechanics, which is something I am completely unqualified to do but enjoy reading. SPOILER ALERT: he gets a B+ overall, but it's really his ability to survey the field that's bringing him down. I can't really argue with that considering the amount of interceptions.

P.S. This is worth the read if only for the 4 YouTube highlight videos linked at the bottom of the post.

Guys We Link: Adrian Clayborn
In Kegs 'n Eggs first edition of "Guys We Like" Iowa's own Adrian Clayborn is highlighted. There's not really anything new hear, but I think he all like reading about Clayborn's awesomeness.

The Revolving Door: Iowa
Adam Rittenberg highlights some of the Iowa Football players going, staying, and coming. The most interesting part of the post is on the players coming, A.J. Derby in particular.
A heralded recruit who grew up right in Iowa City, Derby is already generating a ton of buzz among Hawkeyes fans. He was one of only two incoming freshmen to enroll early and go through spring practice. Although he's staying at quarterback for now, he has the skills to contribute in several ways. Derby is a great candidate to run the Wildcat or shake things up on offense with a special package of plays.
I'm not so sure about the Wildcat, but I do think Derby will be used in special packages starting in 2011 in the post-Stanzi era. The coaches may call a few more designed QB runs or maybe just give him the option to keep it more on all the naked bootlegs he will undoubtedly run. Derby will be a very interesting player to watch. I'm still in the "he'll stay at QB" camp, but we'll see.

New Blogs!

Hawkeye Drive
A new site by Brendan Stiles, a former sports writer for the Daily Iowan. If you are really into Iowa basketball, he's got some good stuff on the Prime Time League.

Planned Sick Days
This guy is from Hawkeye Lounge (probably the best Iowa message board out there). He's just getting his blog started and is mostly posting link dumps (kind of like this one), but it's worth checking out.