In reaction to the announcement that Nebraska would be joining the Big Ten Kirk Ferentz said:
The addition of the University of Nebraska to the Big Ten appears to be a very positive and an exciting development – much like when Penn State joined the conference years ago. I would anticipate the reaction to this development by players and fans to be extremely enthusiastic. From my vantage point, Nebraska is a natural and positive fit in all regards and this announcement is a real credit to all of those involved in providing leadership in the Big Ten.
I'd like to think inside Ferentz was wanting to say "BRING IT ON CORNHUSKERS!" Instead it's typical generic Ferentz type quote, but he is really right on the money with this one, especially with his mention of fans being "extremely enthusiastic." The majority of talk I've heard amongst fans is about how big the rivalry will be between Iowa and Nebraska and how excited they are for the game to be played in 2011.

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