Break The Rock

This is kind of a lazy post today, which is semi-ironic because it's about Iowa's Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Chris Doyle, who is probably the epitome of non-laziness when it comes to Iowa Football. Coach Doyle works year round with the players and gets them to do amazing things. He is one of the main reasons for Iowa's reputation for great player development.

Getting to the point, ESPN's superblogger, Adam Rittenberg, posted an excellent Q&A with Coach Doyle the other day. An excerpt:
We cannot be like everybody else in strength and conditioning and show up and beat great football teams. We have to do it better. We have to train harder, we have to train smarter and recognize that there's nothing comfortable about being a college football player, there's nothing comfortable about getting a degree, there's nothing comfortable about trying to perform at your highest level.

And, here's a cool video from featuring the man of the post.