I'm headed to Washington, D.C. on Thursday and will be gone for about a week. We're driving out to see a couple of friends and to go to the museums and monuments, etc... So, for the next 10 days or so, posting on this site will probably me minimum. I'm taking the laptop and my iPod Touch, so with as long as I have wi-fi I should be able to post a few times but it'll likely only be about breaking news (like if I get an email from the ticket office).

In the mean time, I put together some "Site Terms" for Fight For Iowa. If you get bored over the next week, feel free to read through them. Mostly I wanted to document how to use the comment system because I discovered some cool features recently and wanted to share. It turns out Disqus is not as limited as I thought. Also, with all the privacy issues floating around the internet lately (Google Buzz, Facebook) I thought it'd be a good idea to lay down how this site uses your information. I added some other things in there too for good measure. So, if you're interested (I don't really know why you would be) give it a read.

One last thing. I've been working on some slight changes to the site design taking advantage of some of the new technologies (i.e. CSS3 and HTML5). It's not quite ready to go and may change a bit, but look for it after I come back from vacation. Here's a small preview: