I am probably setting myself up for failure here by announcing that I'm going to do a week on recruiting. I never do very well when I plan on doing a series of posts...I typically get busy, lazy, or just run out of time and don't finish the series. In this case though, I've already got a decent start writing, so hopefully it'll actually come together.

I also need to caveat this whole thing with the fact that I don't know a whole lot about recruiting. It's probably been less than a year that I've been following it. I don't have a pass to the pay sites, so all my information basically comes from doing a few Google searches until I find what I want (or just give up...).

Anyway, I decided to do a week on recruiting because: it'll be a good way for me to catchup on recruiting, it seems relevant right now because Iowa just picked up 3 commits for 2011 (Marcus Grant', JaCorey Shepherd, and Austin Blythe) during the last few weeks, and there is not a whole lot else to talk about other than rehashing Big Ten expansion. Up first will be a post on quarterbacks, so look for that later today.

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