Yesterday it was finally confirmed by ESPN that Iowa will be playing Arizona in a night game. The game will kickoff at 7:30 in Tuscon, which means it'll be 9:30 here in Iowa, and will be aired on ESPN. This is Iowa's 2nd schedule night game of the year. The other is the homecoming game against Penn State on October 2. (Here is the full Iowa Football Schedule.)

While I understand the necessity of avoiding playing in the blistering heat of the Arizonan summer days, I have to say I do not like a 9:30 PM start. And, I really hope this game does not go to overtime. The game likely won't be over until after 1:00 AM, which is too late in my book. (Personal Note: My kid is not going to care that I stayed up all night watching football...he'll still wake me up by 6:45.) It probably would have been fun back in college, but I don't really want to sit around in anticipation all day long. I'm probably just being curmudgeony, and I should be too young for that. So, bring on the late night game!

(Recruiting Week stuff should return tonight, or maybe tomorrow...)