Hawkeyes around the NFL
It has been a week since the NFL draft when 6 Iowa Hawkeyes (Bulaga, Angerer, Spievey, Moeaki, Edds, and Calloway) were selected. In addition, a couple of Hawkeyes earned tryouts and one was signed as free agents. Iowa is growing a pretty big footprint in the NFL and I think we have Coach Ferentz to thank. Anyway, I don't follow the NFL a lot, but since it's been a week since the draft I thought it'd be good to do a quick update.


Bryan Bulaga | Green Bay - He has reported up to Green Bay and already had a press conference. The Packer coaches have said nice things about him and he is being groomed as the future LT. One of the main reasons he is being looked at for LT is that the spot currently belongs to Chad Clifton who is older (34) and has had some injury issues lately. (Side note: follow Bulaga on Twitter - @BBulaga.)

Pat Angerer | Indianapolis - Angerer is currently taking part in the Colt's rookie mini-camp. He admitted to struggling the first day saying, "I definitely learned a lot, and messed up a lot."

Amari Spievey | Detroit - Spievey is up in Detroit but has sat out practice during the mini-camp thus far. He is apparently struggling with a tightness in his hips but should be fine.

Tony Moeaki | Kansas City - I couldn't find much in the way of actual news on Moeaki. The general reaction by Chief fans to Moeaki though, is that he has the potential to be the starter and a real play maker...if he can stay healthy (a legitimate concern).

A.J. Edds | Miami - Edds is currently working out in the Dolphin's mini-camp. He did have a little bit of controversy when his agent said that Edds would wear #54, which belongs to Zach Thomas. It turned out to be a misunderstanding and Edds will keep his number from Iowa, 49.

Kyle Calloway | Buffalo - The most interesting story about Calloway is that the Bills plan on using him as an offensive guard instead of tackle where he played while at Iowa. Though, the Hawkeyes did move him inside for the Orange Bowl because Reiff was better suited for the right tackle spot.

Free Agents/Others Un-drafted

Trey Stross | Houston - Stross is the only un-drafted Hawkeye to actually sign with a team at this point. He signed a free agency contract with the Houston Texans.

Dace Richardson | New York - Richardson is getting a tryout with the Giants. His injury problems over the years probably had something to do with not getting drafted, but he's a good player and should find a spot on a NFL roster somewhere.

Dan Doering | Seattle - Doering, who disappeared the last couple of year (partially due to injury), is getting a shot at the NFL in a 3-day tryout with the Seahawks.

2011 NFL Draft

It's never too early for a mock of next year's NFL draft, right? Well, as the mock drafts come out, it's clear that Adrian Clayborn is going to have some serious hype around him this year (which we already knew). ESPN's Todd McShay has Clayborn going 4th overall to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

There has been a lot of other buzz among Iowa football fans around the internet that the 2011 draft may feature even more Hawkeyes than this year. In addition to Clayborn other players that may be drafted are: Ricky Stanzi, Jeremiha Hunter, Allen Reisner, Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, Ryan Donahue, Brett Greenwood, Julian Vandervelde, Christian Ballard, and Karl Klug. Of course not all of those guys will be drafted, but I can easily see 6 or 7 guys getting their name called next year.

Iowans in the NFL: Quick Hits