Yesterday, while looking up some statistics on I noticed that the Spring Prospectus (pdf) had been posted. I haven't read through the whole thing yet, but made a good dent in it. I spent a good amount of time looking at the updated roster and made changes to the Iowa Football Roster on this site accordingly. I also took at look at the future schedules and skimmed through the season outlook. Some of the things that stood out at me:

Missing from roster:
  • Brian Mungongo
  • Mike Morio
  • Nick Murphy
  • Mark Mahmens
I'm not sure if these guys are still on the team or what. I left them on the roster on this site for now. If anyone knows anything, let me know! (UPDATE: Mahmens graduated last year and is now a sheriff in Clinton. Thanks to Hawkeye State over at BHGP for letting me know.)

Eric Guthrie, a punter mind you, is up to 245! Ever see a Punter/Linebacker?

Significant Weight Gains:
  • Keenan Davis - 215 (+15)
  • Ricky Stanzi - 230 (+12)
  • Micah Hyde - 185 (+15)
  • Jordan Cotton - 185 (+15)
  • Christian Ballard - 297 (+12)
  • Drew Clark - 288 (+18)
  • James Ferentz - 275 (+10)
  • Markus Zusevic - 295 (+17)
  • Conor Boffeli - 285 (+35!)
  • Brett Van Sloten - 290 (+20)
  • Riley Reiff - 300 (+20)
  • Dominic Alvis - 240 (+20)
  • Dakota Getz - 230 (+20)
It's nice to see both the offensive and defensive lines bulking up a bit. The younger guys on the OL had the biggest changes. It's good to see Ballard and Klug both add some mass for the DT position, especially Klug (who I think will have a breakout season).

Position Changes:
I didn't see any new positions changes, but since the start of last year: Jacob Reisen is at FB instead of LB, Jason White is a DB instead of RB, and Cody Hundertmark is on the O-line instead of the D-line. There's probably more, but those are the ones sticking out at me.

The 2012 schedule show the Iowa Hawkeyes opening the season against Northern Illinois is Chicago. This was done once before in 2007 and from all accounts was a smashing success. Like the 2007 game, this one is scheduled for September 1st over Labor Day weekend, so I'm guessing Hawkeye fans will show up in droves.

The schedule -
  • 09/01 Northern Illinois
  • 09/08 Iowa State
  • 09/15 Northern Iowa
  • 09/22 Central Michigan
  • 09/29 Wisconsin
  • 10/06 at Illinois
  • 10/13 Penn State
  • 10/27 at Michigan
  • 11/03 at Indiana
  • 11/17 Ohio State
  • 11/24 at Minnesota
The non-conference looks pretty easy and doesn't have the typical 2 cream puffs + 1 Iowa State + 1 BCS formula. Then the Big Ten schedule also sets up nicely and is much like this year with Wisconsin, Penn State, and Ohio State at home (though in 2 years Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana could be a lot better in a couple years...could be). So just thinking way too far into the future, this looks like a potentially big year.

As I read more of the prospectus I'll be sure to post more of my thoughts. For now, what stood out to everyone else?