The seal on Iowa's spring practice has been pretty tight these past few days, as it always is, and the talk of the town is about basketball or something. Apparently hiring a new coach is some kind of big deal... Actually, I really like McCaffery, especially after his press conference today. I think he's going to be good for the program and for the first time in years I am actually interested in Iowa basketball again (and strangely want a mocha from McDonalds...) Maybe I'll blog about basketball next year some, though football will always be first. Anyway, the official site has been providing some great content via its "Camp Central" page and the coaches clinic gave way to a few more things to talk about.

Spring Pictures
There are currently 4 sets of practices pictures up on Camp Central. In case you haven't seen them, here are the links: You cannot get a ton of information out of the pictures, but it does at least give us some sense of how the players look and how the depth chart is shaping up. More bullets:
  • Some players that look like they have bulked up a little: McNutt, Bernstine, Wegher, Cotton
  • From the few pictures that show the first string offensive line, it looks like it is (from left to right): Reiff, Vandervelde, Ferentz, Gettis, Zusevics
  • Lots of different receivers are practicing with the 1s including: Nordmann, Cotton, and Davis (plus some of the known commodities). There are going to be a lot of good options this year for Stanzi in the passing game.
  • On defense it looks like Johnson in winning the MLB spot and Hyde is ahead for the right CB.
  • There are a couple pictures of fullbacks running the ball, including one of Morse. This is definitely something I'd like to see more of (even with all the talent at running back)...I thought it was pretty effective last year when Morse ran the ball. With Rogers getting some time at FB I think this part of the offense may become a little more used.

A couple other notes:
The coaches clinic gave a few lucky outsiders a look into a practice inside Kinnick Stadium on Saturday. So, of course following that practice there were a handful of posts on the message board with different opinions on how certain players looked, a few mentions of some of the plays run, etc... This thread sums it up well, but a few things stood out to me. The bullets won't stop:
  • It sounds like the jailbreak screen may be making a comeback. With the smallish offensive line (so they should be quick, right?) and the stable of talented receivers this makes sense. It could be a nice addition to the rushing attack and we've seen in years past how effective the play can be when executed.
  • It also sounds like DJK is back to his old habits that leave him in the dog house for most of spring and fall practice (and sometimes part of the season, halfway through games, etc...). I'm not sure what went down, but you can find some message board posts on the topic.
  • Hundertmark may have a legitimate shot at starting on the offensive line. I kind of dismissed the idea when he first moved over during Orange Bowl practice. But last Wednesday, Ferentz said it could be a great move in his presser and a few people noted that Hundertmark looked good in practice.
  • Some other players that look good:
    Wegher - I think spring is going to benefit him greatly. He's the main running back right now as Robinson is out and Hampton is somewhat limited.
    Klug - He's going to have a big year with all the attention Clayborn will be getting.
    Reiff - Stud.
    Griggs - It will be interesting to see what happen when C.J. Fiedorwicz gets on campus, but for now the battle for the #2 tight end spot is heating up. Griggs is reportedly looking solid, but Herman is also in the mix.