Spring is here (almost) after a long, long winter. In Des Moines, the high is 61 today! Around the Big Ten, Michigan and Wisconsin already started spring practice. The rest of the teams start within a week or so. Which means there is finally some football content worth writing about. Spring practice should at least bring some news of how players are progressing, new weights, possible position changes, injuries, etc... Plus, with the Kinnick FieldTurf installation completed, there will actually be a spring "game" this year, so we'll get a chance to look at the team.

Spring Dates:
March 22 - Bulaga, Spievey, Edds, and co. will try impress scouts during Iowa's Pro Date. Also, season ticket registration is open to new buyers (like me).
March 24 - The Hawkeyes spring practice finally begins and Kirk Ferentz will have a press conference.
April 17 - Iowa will end spring practice with the Spring "Game". As of now, I plan on taking my son to the open practice. It should be fun.
April 22 - The 1st round of the NFL draft takes place on Thursday night. We should see Bulaga's name called, but the other Hawks will probably go on the 23rd or 24th.

Site Stuff:
During the slow winter months I've been trying to clean up the site a little bit. I've updated the look a little bit and worked on some of the behind the scenes stuff to make it load faster and work better. There is still work to be done, but that's what the slow summer is for, right?

There are a couple of new features too. Perhaps you already knew, but a prerequisite to being a blogger is that you are also an amateur photographer. Plus, pictures really liven up the place, so I'm trying to post more (just ignore the fact that this post doesn't have one). One Word Wednesdays will be a weekly picture post and the Related Posts feature now has pictures as well.

Upcoming, I plan on posting some about the past season and some about 2010. I've been looking at some statistic on playing calling and I'd like to start doing some research on the opponents on the 2010 Iowa Football schedule. Plus, I'll cover everything I can about spring practice.