I usually stick to football, because frankly basketball hasn't been at all worth my time since I started this blog. But today I feel compelled to post, because 1) a head coach has been fired, 2) I love filling out my bracket, and 3) the Iowa women have being playing really well and actually made the tournament.

Lickliter Fired:
It has been a circusy couple of days in the Iowa Basketball world. Last Thursday shortly before Iowa lost its record 22nd game of the season to Michigan, rumor were flying that Lickliter was on his way out. KCJJ reported that Lick was going to stepped down for health reason, while others were saying he would be fired. Nothing but more rumors followed over the weekend, but then news broke Monday morning that Barta and Lickliter would meet. Shortly there after followed a press conference and the official word that Lickliter had indeed been fired.

I'm sure you've read a hundred opinions on the firing, but here's one more... I don't follow basketball as much as a used to, but to me this was the right move. Now, I don't think this year's horror show was all Lickliter's fault. I am certain he can coach, he was the coach of the year before he came to Iowa, but Hawkeye basketball has been a joke as of late and he has to be partly to blame.

The few times I decided to watch a game this season I felt like I had wasted my time (the Michigan OT game I even stayed up late to see the end...big mistake) and I even turned down a chance to go to a game for free. The fun has been sucked out of Iowa Basketball for me (which really started with Alford, though Lickliter certainly did nothing to help the matter) and the Hawks need a coach that can rejuvenate the program.

I did very little research this year, so there isn't much to say here other then, here's my bracket.

Click to enlarge.

Well at least the women are good:
Iowa Women's Basketball has had quite the year. They started off slow and had a rough patch in the middle of the year going just 3-8 during one stretch. But they finished the season very strong winning 11 of their last 14 games. They were also runners up in the Big Ten Tournament losing to Ohio State (who ruins everything as I've mentioned before...though the refs are more to blame for this one) in the final.

Amidst the Lickliter frenzy on Monday, the Hawks earned an 8 seed in the tournament and will play Rutgers in the first round this Saturday. The game is on at 7:15 PM on ESPN2. If they get by the Scarlet Knights, then Iowa will likely face 1 seed Standford (at least it's not UConn).