Well, at least that's over... Today Clayborn entered a guilty plea to disorderly conduct. This is the result of an incident from March of last year where Clayborn mistakenly took a taxi driver for an opposing quarterback and punched him in the face. Reportedly the driver just honked at him, but there were some rumblings around the internet that there was some words of the racially charged nature said as well.

Anyway, disorderly conduct is just a misdemeanor and Clayborn is paying a small $100 fine. The whole thing really happened rather quietly and that's for the best. Ferentz seemed to have all the information on the situation last year and made the decision to take no disciplinary action against Clayborn. I'm guessing it'll be the same for this year, but what not be surprised if there is a suspension from a few practices this spring or something of that nature. But, like I said, it's over and Clayborn can go back and put his full focus on having a stellar senior year (as long as he can keep the ladies away).