Well, it is not shocking to post that sophomore-to-be running back Jeff Brinson has decided to transfer. He is the second casualty of the "too many" running back situation that the Hawkeyes have. Josh Brown already decided to transfer earlier this year. There is no announcement on where Brinson will transfer, but I heard somewhere closer to home (he's from Florida).

In his brief Iowa career, Brinson never really had a chance to realize his potential. He red-shirted his freshman year than had nagging injuries all 2009. A year ago at this time we were talking about Brinson being the possible number 2 back behind Jewel Hampton. This spring, however, Brinson would have found himself probably at best 4th on the depth chart as Hampton's back from his own injury and Robinson and Wegher both had their chances to prove their worth last season. Some saw him as a good candidate to switch position, either to linebacker or fullback, but I can't blame him for wanting to go a school where he'll have a chance to carry the football.

Brinson leaves having 1 carry for 7 yards that came against Iowa State in junk time. He played in 2 other games (I think on special teams) early in the season and that was it. So, anyway, good luck Mr. Brinson...hopefully you won't get stuck behind 3 sophomores at your new school.