I'm hitting Iowa City tomorrow for the spring career fair in the IMU. It'd be pretty awesome if I was looking to hire somebody to work for the blog here (which, if you do want to work for Fight For Iowa, let me know...I can pay you exactly $0.00). Or talking to football recruits would be cool. But alas, I am recruiting for my day job. Actually, I really enjoy it and like talking to all those energetic and optimistic young'ns. Plus, the UofI (obviously) is my favorite spot on the recruiting trail.

I have yet to talk to a football player at a career fair. They probably are too busy trying to get a job in the NFL to make millions rather than in IT to make, well, a lot less. I did run into a basketball player at UNI once. Anyway, I'm looking forward to being back on campus among my fellow Hawkeyes (the are too many Clones in Des Moines, ya know?). Note: Football related posts to resume soon.