Of course I'd love to see the Hawkeyes go 13-0 and be national champions, or really just be competitive in every game, play well and mistake free, have minimal injuries, etcetera, etcetera... More specifically though, there are some things I'd like to see that should lead to a successful and enjoyable season. So, without further ado, my list of the 10 Things I'd Like to See in 2010.
  1. A running back win the starting spot:
    The position battle for running back will be exciting to follow. And though a rotation worked well this past season with Wegher and Robinson, it would be great if one back would really separate himself to be the go-to-guy. I think Hampton, Wegher, and Robinson have the most realistic chance to be that guy, though someone like Brinson or Rogers could surprise me.
  2. Less interceptions:
    This one is kind of obvious, but there have been a lot of games closer than necessary due to some of Stanzi's famous Stanziballs. If he can limit his interceptions (especially the pick-sixes), then he has a chance to go down as on of the best QBs in Hawkeye history.
  3. More interceptions:
    It's hard to complain with 21 interceptions on defense, but I think the Hawkeyes have the potential to get even more. Sash have 3 against Iowa State alone. This year too, with the pressure the front 3 should be getting, there should be plenty of opportunities for more picks.
  4. Kickoffs going for touchbacks:
    For whatever reason, Murray took a big setback last year in terms of kickoff length (he averaged only 60.9 yards and had just 5 touchbacks). Hopefully he'll regain some leg strength or incoming freshman Mike Meyer will be able to help on kickoffs.
  5. The offensive line settle in early:
    Along the o-line there will be a lot of position battles with 4 starters leaving, but I hope it all gets settled early in the season. Last year the line never quite jelled (until maybe the bowl game), with injuries and a suspension holding them back. With a potentially explosive backfield behind them, the line needs to give them some wholes to run through.
  6. The defensive line be more productive against the run:
    I think the practice leading up to the Orange Bowl will help in this regard. The line was already spectacular pass rushing, but sometimes lacked in the run support department. I do think it will be better this year, but with the new faces at linebacker it is important that the d-line excels.
  7. A punt return for a touchdown:
    Last year DJK had Iowa's first kickoff return for a TD since 2003. Now, it's time for another punt return TD. The Hawkeyes used 5 different punt returners in 2009 and none were particularly great. Chaney and Sandeman were both okay and I think Chaney has the potential to be the player to break one.
  8. Faster starts:
    The name Second-Half Stanzi didn't come from nowhere. The whole team seemed to often come out a little flat, and the 2nd quarter was the worst (they were actually outscored 65-48). The team trailed in more games than not and were forced to come back. I would much prefer if the Hawks came out quick and built an early lead.
  9. Kinnick Stadium rocking:
    Iowa failed to sell out the Arkansas State game last year, but sold out otherwise. There will be no excuses not to sell out in 2010 though. The home schedule is full of some amazing match ups. Home field advantage will be key against teams like Ohio State and Wisconsin.
  10. A win over Ohio State:
    Of course every game is important, and Ohio State isn't even a rivalry game. But, this is the game I want the Hawkeyes to win most next year. First, the 2009 game was so close and revenge would be sweet (plus revenge for the last time the Buckeyes were in town). Second, the game could have big implication in deciding the conference championship. And third, anytime you can beat Ohio State, especially when they will likely be at top 5 team, it is pretty special.

What would you like to see in this upcoming season?