It's old news already that Amari Spievey is skipping his senior year and turning pro. And, even when it new news, it really wasn't surprising at all. Spievey didn't have a lot to gain by coming would just be another year of QBs throwing to the opposite side of the field. So unless completing college was more important than bring home some serious cash, he had no real reason to stay.

Spievey was rarely beat, never missed a tackle (he was the best tackler on the team for sure), kept receivers in front of him and the first down marker, and was really just an amazing player.
Losing him, one of the best (if not the best), cornerback in Iowa history certainly is a blow to the defense. However, it is a blow I think the team can absorb. Thea team is actually quite deep at corner going into next year and the defense around Spievey's replacement will make whoever's job that is, a lot easier.

I think there will be quite the battle for the starting corner spots over the next 8 months or so. It is likely Prater will retain one of the spots as he had a very good year. But he might not have even started if it weren't for Jordan Berstine's ankle injury. Berstine was apparently back at full speed during the bowl practice and would be the logical choice. However, I think Micah Hyde may be a real threat to one of those spots. He not only played as a true freshman (something kind of rare on Ferentz coached teams), but also worked his way all the way up to the 3rd corner by the bowl game. He was the first to come in when Prater missed a few series with a light ankle sprain. Also in the mix are Willie Lowe and Greg Castillo, who both saw a lot of playing time and started some games early in the season with Prater's suspension and subsequent minor injury.

The other good news is that the corners have great players backing them up from behind in Sash and Greenwood, and an outstanding defensive line in front. I would venture a guess that the corners will not need to cover their receivers for very long because the opposing quarterbacks are not going to have very long to get rid of the ball.

So while, Spievey was a great player for Iowa, I think the Hawks will be just fine. And, I wish the very best for Spievey in the NFL.