I made a few predictions on the Orange Bowl yesterday throughout the day before the game started. I did okay and was pretty close on my guess of a final score of 24-17 (actual score was 24-14, in case you forgot). I would have been perfect if not for the missed Georgia Tech field goal in the 3rd quarter.

Prediction: The first offensive play for both teams will be a pass.

Actual: Both teams ran it their first offensive play. Iowa did use the pass a lot early on though and Stanzi started the game 8-8 with 2 TDs. Georgia Tech did not pass it much though. Besides the final desperation possession, Nesbitt only aired it out 5 times.

Prediction: Georgia Tech will punt more than it kickoffs for the first time.

Actual: I nailed this one on the head. Georgia Tech punted it a season high 7 times and only kicked it off 3 times.

Prediction: Iowa will average more yards per carry than Georgia Tech.

Actual: Bingo! Not only did Iowa average more yards per carry than Georgia Tech (4.4 to 3.5), Iowa actually out-gained GT on the ground 172 to 143 total rush yards.

Prediction: Iowa will return a fumbled pitch for a TD.

Actual: Sadly, this did not come true. Georgia Tech pitched the ball a lot less than expected, largely due to the fact that Nesbitt had a defensive lineman on him before he had time to do anything with the ball.