Well, after a crazy day yesterday where Texas squeaked by Nebraska, Cincinnati squeaked by Pitt, and Georgia Tech squeaked by Clemson the BCS picture is nearly fully formed. The likely top 10 in the BCS will be Alabama, Texas, TCU, Cincinnati, Boise State, Florida, Oregon, Ohio State, Iowa, and Georgia Tech. Now, 9 of those 10 teams are basically a lock. Alabama, Texas, TCU, Cincinnati, Oregon, Ohio State, and Georgia Tech get automatic bids for winning their conference/being the best non-BCS team (TCU). Florida will go to the Sugar Bowl and Boise State was perfect and will get a bid. So, the 1 team in question is, of course, the Iowa Hawkeyes.

It seemed like everyone thought they were going to a Fiesta Bowl if Texas won. Well, now people are starting to say the Fiesta will be TCU vs. Boise State to have a battle of the unbeaten. So, does that mean Iowa in the Orange against Georgia Tech? Or, will it be Penn State in the Orange? I'd be pretty mad, but not as mad as those Hawkeye fans that I've read about who have already purchased plane tickets to Phoenix and already booked hotel rooms. Actually a friend of mine's parents are guilty of jumping the gun. For me...I considered writing the "Iowa to meet Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl" post and have it fired up to be posted at 7:00 tonight, but I'm not ballsy enough I guess.

So now we wait... The big question tonight though, is do I flip over from the Iowa-Iowa State wrestling match to watch FOX's coverage of the BCS selection. I think, no. I'll just follow the BCS selections online.