Georgia Tech vs. Jacksonville State
Result: Win 37-17
Record: 1-0 (0-0)
Ranking: 15/13 (AP/Coaches)
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Key Stats:
  • 3rd down: GT - 8/12, JVST - 6/15
  • Total yards: GT - 497, JVST - 291
  • Yards per pass: GT - 13.5, JVST - 5.1
  • Yards per rush: GT - 6.7, JVST - 3.0
  • Fumbles: GT - 5, JVST - 1
Key Plays:
  • 1st quarter: Dwyer 74-yard TD run (7-0)
  • 1st quarter: Fumbled kick off recovered by GT on JVST 23 yardline (7-0)
  • 2nd quarter: Pass intercepted by Burnett after JVST drive down to 22 yardline (17-0)
  • 2nd quarter: Jax State pulls out the flea-flicker and scores from 20 yards out (17-7)
  • 2nd quarter: Tarrant returns a punt 64 yards for a TD before halftime (31-7)
This game was practically over before it started. Jonathan Dwyer took an option pitch and ran straight down the field 74 yard completely untouched on the first play of the game. The very next play, Jacksonville State gave the ball back fumbling on the kickoff return. Tech kicked a field goal and went up 10-0. By the end of the 1st quarter it was 17-0 and by the end of the half it was 31-7. Georgia Tech backed things off and had a couple of turnovers later in the game and eventually pulled the starters allowing Jax State to put up 10 late points making the game look a little closer than it was.

It was hardly a clean game by the Yellow Jackets, however. They fumbled the ball 5 times, a problem they would have throughout the season (34 fumbles on the year). They also had 8 penalties and struggled at times on defense giving up 20 first downs.