It's not quite time to bust out the Tostitos yet, but this weekend was very good for Iowa's chance to get selected to a BCS bowl. Two teams ahead of the Hawkeyes in the BCS standings and the biggest road block fell, paving the way for a top 10 finish and a probable Fiesta Bowl birth.

The most important game was Oklahoma State's loss to rival Oklahoma. The Cowboys were a likely pick for the Fiesta Bowl which has an allegiance with the Big 12 conference. However, with the 0-27 loss, OSU falls to 9-3 and will likely be out of the top 14 come Sunday.

Also helping was Pittsburgh's loss to West Virgina Friday night and Georgia Tech's loss to Georgia. That all but eliminates the chance that either team would get an at large birth if they lose next week (Pitt against Cincinnati and Tech against Clemson). Of course if they win, they get automatic bids...but won't be taking a spot in the Fiesta Bowl.

Lastly, Texas won again staying in the national title game picture. That means the Fiesta Bowl will still have a replacement pick barring an absolutely terrible collapse by Texas against Nebraska next week.

There's still one more week of games (really 2 if you want to count Army vs. Navy), so there's still a slight chance something crazy could happen, but Iowa's chances are looking pretty good. It looks like the Fiesta Bowl will be picking a team from the Big Ten...and it better be Iowa.