Coach Ferentz met with the media today in his weekly Tuesday press conference. (Here's the full transcript). As expected, the main topic of conversation was the quarterback situation.

First, Stanzi's condition...he has had surgery on his right ankle and is expected to fully recover. He is, thankfully, very likely to be back for the bowl game. Stanzi will travel with the team and is still a captain this week.

Ferentz is confident in James Vandenberg and, though he didn't directly say it, expects Vandenberg to bounce back and have a better game this upcoming week (he likened it to Vandenberg's first pass of the season than went straight into the ground and then came right back and threw a strike).

As we kind of saw last week, the playbook is a little bit more limited with a RS freshman, inexperienced QB. Expect more of the same this week. Iowa will run their offense...though Ferentz joked at the idea of a wildcat formation. Ferentz also praised OSU's defense, comparing it to an NFL I expect a lot of run, run, run punt in the first half in hopes to set up a long play-action pass later in the game (big plays are really the only hope I think).

There is actually some good news too. Adam Robinson is working his way back into the mix as he has been recovering quickly. He hasn't practiced yet, but could go this week. Maybe will see him as a backup to Wegher this week.

Other good news...I kind of dismissed the idea of Iowa getting to a BCS bowl, Rose or otherwise, but the chances actually aren't that bad. A win this Saturday guarantees a Rose Bowl birth. Even a loss, and hope is not gone if Iowa can beat Minnesota at home to finish the season. A 10-2 Iowa is not out of the question if you start to look at the way the BCS is shaping up. (If Iowa does lose this weekend, then I'll take a look at all the scenarios).