This is a very big game with a Rose Bowl bid on the line. The seniors from the class of 2005 have been waiting for this chance and now it's their last. Vandenberg is getting his first collegiate start and has to be feeling the pressure. But this is the last away game of the year and the road has been the Hawkeye's focus and friend. And with everything on the line, anything could happen.

The need to know:

What: #10 Iowa at #11 Ohio State
Where: Ohio Stadium, Columbus, OH
When: 2:30 PM, November 14, 2009

Quick Thoughts:
  • Defense, defense, defense - These are the 2 best defenses in the Big Ten so a low scoring game will be likely. Both create a lot of turnovers and keep points off the board. If Iowa has any shot at winning the D will need to be lights out...a defensive touchdown wouldn't hurt either.
  • Injuries - The big one for Iowa is Stanzi...obviously. Ohio State is pretty healthy, but their starting kicker, Aaron Pettrey, is out and the backup is just 2/4 on field goals this year. If it is close and the game is put in the hands (more like the feet) of the kickers...advantage Iowa.
  • Conservative coaching - "Tressel ball" vs. Ferentz ball? (Whatever you would call Ferentz's philosophy). Both of these coaches are known for their "conservative" brand of football. It's all field position, ball security, limiting mistakes, etc... Hopefully this will help keep the game close and give Iowa a chance to win.