There's another injury and more shuffling along the offensive line. These things are holding back the offensive, but it is amazing to think that the O hasn't clicked yet and the Hawks are still 6-0 (thank you defense and special teams).

Paul Chaney Jr. Out
Kirk Ferentz announced today in his presser that Chaney is out for the year with a torn ACL. He injured his knee during the Michigan game and I swear I saw him come back in the game, but it swelled up after the game and an MRI revealed that the ACL was damaged and surgery would be needed.

With Chaney out expect to see more Keenan Davis and Colin Sandeman. Sandeman will probably be the punt returner as he had a couple of nice returns including a 20-yarder at the beginning of the 4th quarter that set up the game-sealing touchdown.

Riley Rieff to Start
The latest depth chart shows a new look on the offensive line. Julian Vandervelde has been replaced by Rieff as the new starting left guard. You have to think that the injury and surgery in the off-season hurt Vandervelde's development. He did not look particularly good last week (and I didn't really get a chance to see how he played against UM). Reiff, however, was excellent when filling in for Bulaga and that experience has helped him earn a spot on the line. He played guard some before the season started and saw some time there this past week. Ferentz says it'll be more of a rotation this week for the guards (so nobody is really a lock at starter).