Until the game is won: Part 2


My bye week Saturday was probably a lot like other Iowa fans. I spent time with the family, let my wife go out while I watched the kids, and watched a whole lot of football.

But there was also something else that was brewing during the bye week. I was offered the opportunity to join the tremendous Iowa blogging team at Black Heart Gold Pants. I graciously accepted and if you follow BHGP closely you've probably already seen a couple of my posts over there. Just today I posted my usual Four Factor Friday post for the Michigan State game tomorrow.

I plan on keeping this site maintained for the time being. I know a lot of people use it to check the schedule, so I'll do my best to keep that up to date. I also plan to use the site to share things that aren't worthy of a 500-word write up on BHGP, but are a little more substantial than what I'd put in a tweet.

So thanks to everyone who's followed me on here and be sure to continue following me over on Black Hear Gold Pants. I'm sure it'll be lots of fun.

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