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Just a reminder

It's Iowa day on BTN, so all afternoon/evening you can watch Hawkeye-related programming, including 3 of Iowa football "greatest games." The day ends with the 2005 Capitol One Bowl against LSU at 10:00, but the highlight of the night, at least for me, is a replay of last year's Insight Bowl which is airing at 6:00.

Here is the full schedule:
  • 1:00 - The Big Ten's Greatest Games - Basketball: 2/7/04 - Iowa at Indiana
  • 2:00 - The Big Ten's Greatest Games - Football: 2007 - Michigan State at Iowa
  • 5:00 - Iowa Campus Programming: Iowa Magazine: #10
  • 5:30 - Big Ten Icons: Nile Kinnick
  • 6:00 - Big Ten Football Replay: 2010 Insight Bowl - Iowa vs. Missouri
  • 8:00 - Big Ten Basketball Replay: Purdue vs. Iowa
  • 10:00 - The Big Ten's Greatest Games - Football: 2005 Capital One Bowl: Iowa vs. LSU

McNutt could break some records

It would take a monster year, but Marvin McNutt is at least in position to make a run at some of Iowa's receiving records. Black and Gold Box Score breaks down all of McNutt's record possibilities. He needs 86 receptions to break DJK's career reception record; 1,071 yards to break DJK's career receiving yards records--1,071 would also break the single year record currently held by Keith Chappelle; 5 TDs to match Tim Dwight and Danan Hughes's career touchdown record. The most likely record McNutt will break is the career TDs. He has had 8 receiving TDs in each of the past 2 years.

The most interesting part of the B&GBS article was a comparison of DJK and McNutt's career through their junior years. I've taken a look at these numbers before and noted that if McNutt had started a receiver his freshman year instead of quarterback, then he'd probably be way ahead of DJK statistically. As it stands, McNutt is still pretty close.

Through their junior years:
  • DJK - 127 receptions for 1,871 yards with 7 TDs
  • McNutt - 88 receptions for 1,546 yards with 16 TDs

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