A quick and early look at 2012 recruiting - Defense

I meant to post this about a week ago to go with the early look at Iowa's 2012 recruiting on offense, but that was before sickness hit.

Defensive linemen for Iowa

Seniors: Lebron Daniel*, Thomas Nardo, Broderick Binns*, Mike Daniels*, Joe Forgy
Juniors: Steve Bigach*, Joe Gaglione
Sophomores: Marty Hopkins, Casey Kreiter, Scott Covert, Dominic Alvis
RS Freshmen: Carl Davis, Donavan Johnson, Louis Trinca-Pasat, Mike Hardy
Freshmen: Darian Cooper, Riley McMinn, John Raymon

For 2012: 3

Early Offers:
  • Tommy Schutt - Glen Ellyn, IL
  • Vincent Valentine - Edwardsville, IL
  • Sheldon Day - Indianapolis, IN
  • Mike Shoff - Cambridge, NE
  • Noah Spence - Harrisburg, PA
  • Faith Ekakitie - Lake Forest, IL

Depending on how things shake out at the tackle spot opposite of Mike Daniels, all 4 starters on the defensive line could be seniors. It's still likely that at least 3 will be seniors, meaning 2012 will see a lot of fresh blood. There is little depth at the position as Iowa hasn't done much of a rotation the past couple of years. Iowa will need to try to get more of the younger guys experienced this year to lessen the blow of a big senior contingent graduating. I think there is enough depth that there won't be an immediate need to get a guy who needs to come in a start as a true freshman...a spot on the two-deep though wouldn't be out of the question.

Linebackers for Iowa

Seniors: Tyler Nielsen*, Lance Tillison, Bruce Davis
Juniors: Terrance Pryor, Carmeron Olson
Sophomores: Christen Kirksey*, Shane DiBona, James Morris*, Marcus Kloos
RS Freshmen: Matthew Meyers, Jim Poggi
Freshmen: Quinton Alston, Marcus Collins, Melvin Spears

For 2012: 2

Early Offers:
  • Vince Biegel - Wisconsin Rapids, WI
  • Royce Jenkins-Stone - Detroit, MI
  • Alexander Lyons - Desoto, TX
  • Laron Taylor - Detroit, MI
  • Quanzell Lambert - Erial, NJ
  • Michael Scherer - St. Louis, MO
  • Donavin Newsom - St. Louis, MO

Linebackers were hit pretty hard last year by injury which allowed a lot of the younger players, like James Morris, to get valuable experience. So, even though there was a slew of players who recently graduated, the cupboard is far from bare. Still, getting a few linebackers in the 2012 class who can provide depth and play special teams immediately will be important.

Defensive backs for Iowa

Seniors: Jordan Bernstine*, William Lowe, Tom Donatell, Shaun Prater*
Juniors: Greg Castillo, Jason White, Collin Sleeper, Micah Hyde*, Nick Nielsen, Jack Swanson
Sophomores: B.J. Lowery, Anthony Hitchens, Tanner Miller*
RS Freshmen:
Freshmen: Torrey Campbell, Coler Fisher, Nico Law, Jordan Lomax, John Lowdermilk, Travis Perry

For 2012: 2

Early Offers:
  • Riley Bullough - Traverse City, MI
  • Leviticus Payne - Southfield, MI
  • Terry Richardson - Detroit, MI

Iowa brought in a lot of defensive backs in the 2011 class, but the position is still filled with upperclassmen. Not a single DB red-shirted last year as Iowa needed bodies, especially on special teams. There will definitely be opportunities for younger players to step up and earn a spot. By 2013, I'm not sure who either of the corners will be...maybe B.J. Lowery will be one and then one of the incoming freshmen from this year.
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