Iowa vs. Ball State: Statistics

There's no big analysis today with the stats today...I'm letting the number speak for themselves.

Iowa Offense vs. Ball State Defense

CategoryIowa O: StatIowa O: RankBall State D: StatBall State D: RankAdvantage
Rushing Yards161.0056149.0064-
Passing Yards246.0036196.0056
Passing Efficiency164.3012132.8084+
Total Yards407.0050345.0062-
3rd Down Conversion47.373055.26113+
Red Zone %83.3358100.0099

Overall Advantage: Slight advantage to Iowa.

Iowa Defense vs. Ball State Offense

CategoryIowa D: StatIowa D: RankBall State O: StatBall State O: RankAdvantage
Rushing Yards68.679179.3343+
Passing Yards197.3359128.00109+
Passing Efficiency112.5344103.98109+
Total Yards266.0018307.3398+
3rd Down Conversion32.563636.8477+
Red Zone %55.56978.5781+

Overall Advantage: Huge advantage to Iowa...Ball State will not score many points

Iowa Special Teams vs. Ball State Special Teams

CategoryIowa ST: StatIowa ST: RankBall State ST: StatBall State ST: RankAdvantage
Kick Returns24.752931.897
Punt Returns13.71235.0089+
Net Punting35.337942.2710
Field Goals0/0-5/9--

Overall Advantage: Big advantage Ball State. Iowa's special teams have been terrible.
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