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Yesterday afternoon @HawkeyeFootball shared this video on Twitter. Watch it, watch it now. It features just about every great play from last year that features a returning player. It also throws in a couple of Jewel Hampton highlights from 2008 that will make you remember why he was anointed the next great one after just a couple of runs against Maine in mop-up time at the end of the game.

A couple more:
  • Iowa RB II - Andy Hamilton had a couple videos from Iowa's practice on Tuesday. This one features the running backs doing a cut drill...Hampton is by far the quickest.
  • Iowa Practice 08/10/2010 - Another practice video. This one comes from HawkeyeDrive and shows Stanzi (red #21) taking snaps from Koeppel. However, Ferentz is seen with the first team in yesterdays practice photos. It must still be even.
  • Adrian Clayborn vs. Georgia Tech - I saw this one a while ago, but I don't think I shared it. The video simply highlights how dominant Clayborn was in the Orange Bowl.

The commenting system, Disqus, actually handles YouTube videos quite well. Just paste the URL of the video anywhere in your comments and it will "attach" to your comment. So, please share your favorites.
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