BTN in Iowa City

Just a quick note, the Big Ten Network will be in Iowa City today as part of its 2010 Big Ten Football Tour. They will be attending practice and the Iowa preview show will air a week from today (August 26) at 7:00 PM. The BTN crew gets a pretty unique look inside of an Iowa practice and last year spoiled Kirk Ferentz's hope to keep Wegher, Davis, and Hyde surprises. Hopefully this year they will be able to provide some other insider information.

They have a good sized crew on the tour and they all like to tweet updates and provide some quick analysis while at practice. So, be sure you are following Brent Yarina - @BTNBrentsBlog, Chris Antonacci - @BTNStatsGuy, and Dave Revsine - @BTNDaveRevsine on Twitter today.

Also, if you are in Iowa City, be on the lookout for their Big Ten Icons bus.
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