Iowa vs Penn State a Night Game

I haven't seen official word on this yet (though there was a supposed email sent out to certain Alumns) but Marc Morehouse has it on his blog, so that's good enough for me. When Iowa and Penn State play on October 2 in Kinnick Stadium it will be under the lights. The game is slated for roughly a 7:05 kickoff and will be on ESPN, ESPN2 or ABC.

The Iowa vs. Penn State match up the past few years has provided huge games and started building a pretty big rivalry between the schools (a one-sided rivalry as of late). If Iowa gets by Arizona and Penn State manages an upset over Alabama, this game could be huge on a national level featuring two top 10 teams. I don't think it would get Game Day (there are other big games that weekend), but is big nevertheless. Even if Penn State falls to Alabama this game could have a significant impact on the Big Ten race.

Scoreboard after the last Homecoming/night game.

The last Iowa night game in Kinnick was against Michigan last year and it was also Homecoming. Let's hope this year's game mirrors last's with a Hawkeye victory (hopefully it won't be so cold though).
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