Orange Bowl Victory

The taste of victory is as sweet as the oranges in the Orange Bowl Trophy. What a game by the defense. Adrian Clayborn gets the MVP very deservingly. He was basically unblockable all game and wreaked havoc. When you try to stop Clayborn with a 250 lb offensive tackle or a running back, Clayborn is going to win every time.

Offensively, Stanzi looked like Stanzi. He played as good the I've seen him the first 3 drives before the pick-six. Then he went into more of his "game manager" mode and led the team to victory by making smart plays, timely completions, and good audibles. In front of him the offensive line was devastating. Georgia Tech's defender were getting pushed around the entire game, but especially in the second half when the game was on the line. The O-line was mixing thing up a lot and we saw some new formations out of KOK. It was working too, as both Wegher and Robinson had big whole to run through, and that's ultimately what sealed the deal in the end.

Oh man, so much more to talk about. The unsuccessful fake field goal!? Norm Parker's masterful plan. A great game by Moeaki to end his career. The nice contribution by all of the different receivers. And anything else I forgot about.

So look for more to come!
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