Georgia Tech: Year in Review - Week 5

Georgia Tech at Mississippi
Result: Win 42-31
Record: 4-1 (2-1)
Ranking:22/23 (AP/Coaches)
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Key Stats:
  • Turnovers: GT - 1, MSST - 5
  • Yards per pass: GT 19.0, MSST - 9.3
Key Plays:
  • 1st quarter: After falling behind 0-14, Miss St returns a kickoff 89 yards for a touchdown to cut the deficit in half.
  • 2nd quarter: Miss St forces a fumble as GT is about to score, but fumbles itself on the ensuing possession. GT takes the fumble back for a touchdown and goes up 28-14.
  • 3rd quarter: With 1st and Goal from the 3, Miss St fumbles at the 1 and remains down 18.
Mississippi State's offense matched Georgia Tech's blow for blow. Total rushing: 213-209, Total Yards: 479-487. But the one thing that killed them was fumbles. Mississippi State's very first drive ended in a fumble and that was a pattern for the game. They lost a total of 4 fumbles. One was returned for a TD, another was at GT's 1 yard line, and another led to a TD on the next drive.

Georgia Tech's offense was rolling all game as well and took advantage of all the turnovers. They were 8-13 on 3rd down and Nesbitt was 11-14 passing (much more accurate than usual). Miss St did limit them to just 3.9 yards per carry, but that just led to longer drive and big pass plays.
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