Donahue gets free vacation to Miami

If Georgia Tech’s last 2 games are any indication of how the Orange Bowl will turn out, then Iowa’s punter Ryan Donahue may get to enjoy a week relaxing in Miami without having to worry about playing in a football game. In GT’s games against Georgia and Clemson the teams combined for exactly 0 punts. How is that even possible?! (Actually it’s a simple formula: really good offense + really bad defense = no punting.) Georgia Tech also had games against Florida State with 0 total punts and against Mississippi State with only 3 (all by GT).

An Iowa game rarely goes 5 minutes without a punt. In the Hawkeye’s past 2 games there have been 25 total punts. Just for fun I looked up that last time Iowa did not punt in a game. You have to go way back to August 31, 2002 against Akron when Iowa score 57 points on 7 TDs and 2 FGs. I couldn’t even find a game that an Iowa opponent didn’t punt the ball (I only went back to 2002).
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