Links For Iowa - July 22, 2009

Iowa Related

Kids at Kinnick set for August 15
Kids day will be the public's first chance to see the 2009 Iowa Football team in person as there was no spring game this year. It's also our first chance to see the new FieldTurf up close.

Ferentz versus Fry
Here's an interesting post about how Ferentz compares to Fry over the first 10 years of their respective careers. Conclusion: Ferentz and Fry have a pretty similar resume but Ferentz doesn't have a Rose Bowl birth and has struggled against Iowa State.

Hall of Ferentz: the links
Here are the links to every Hall of Ferentz story by Marc Morsehouse.

Not even college football related

Same-name couple to wed after Facebook meeting
I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Hildebrandt... This is so weird on so many levels. Yeah, it's great they found love and all, but on Facebook after she type her own name in the search box?

Google Trends #100

Pittsburgh Pirates
The Pirate's Brandon Moss had a walk-off home-run today against the Brewers so the Pittsburghians are pretty excited and searching up their favorite team.
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